Content Creation

Content Is King

One of the biggest mistakes website designers make when building a website for contractors or any local business, is to cheat the content. Either the web designer relies upon the business owner to write it(which rarely happens) or the designer writes brief summaries of content on a webpages. They’re forgetting rule number one for search engine optimization: “Content Is King.”

Search engines read words, not pictures. Their job is to process information. If you asked Google, “what’s the best way to optimize my website?” they would tell you to write lots of good original content. Now, there is much more to search engine optimization than just having good content on your website, but without it anything else you try is not going to work well. Good on page optimization should contain informative articles with at least 300 words on a page.

Make it relevant. What if you picked up a book that said “Dog Breeds” because you wanted to learn about the different breeds of dogs, but when you opened the book the text within the book only talked about sailing. You would put the book back because it wasn’t what you were looking for. Search engines are the same way. If you say your web page is about a certain thing, the article on the page needs to reflect that. If you’re hoping to get found for specific keywords, you need to feature that keyword on a page and write an article about it. You need to become your own personal author!

Who’s got time to write? I get this question more often than any other. That’s why at Local Net Results we provide all of the research and writing for websites that we build for our clients. Content is too important for good internet ranking to leave it to the business owner to write it. If the business owner writes the article, chances are they will not be writing it for search. In our content writing, we are writing for two clients – the humans visiting the site who are wanting to buy from our client, and the search engines who are ranking it.

You too can be an author. We now have articles for our clients that we can syndicate on the web as their “ghost writer.” They are published authors! But most importantly, their website ranks well and they are getting leads from the internet. We offer an ongoing content creation package that continues adding text throughout the year to the website blog. It doesn’t look good when the last post on the news page is 11 months ago, when the site was built. The humans visiting the site may wonder if the company is still in business. The search engines may be wondering the same thing. Adding good fresh content on an ongoing basis is a great way to get the edge over your competition.

You just need a little help from us. Ask us about our ongoing content marketing program!