Search Engine Optimization

Get Found Online!

It’s a fact that 75% of people who looking for something on the internet do not go to page two. If your business is not found on page one – but your competitors are – they’re getting the calls that should be going to you.

Positioning your website there is not easy. Local Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO” is a discipline within itself. As a local internet company, we have always been search marketing specialists. It was our focus when we built our own New Hampshire based landscape company website over seven years ago, as it is for our website clients today. We approached website design from a search engine perspective.

Beware of internet “snake oil.” SEO is not like licking a stamp and dropping a letter in the mailbox. It is a holistic process. It is the perfect integration of keyword research, on page content, and off page associations that cause websites to rank high organically. If someone is selling search marketing services, but they disregard the website structure and content, then that is money down the drain.

“Threading the needle.” Good search engine optimization strategy begins with the keyword research before a website is built, during the build with the navigational and meta data structure of the site, and in the syndication process after the website site is live. We call it “threading the needle.” Some companies want to disregard the first two, or tweak a few things here and there in the meta data or content, and sell you an internet marketing contract. But these search results typically don’t last. Search engine algorithms are very sophisticated. The details matter.

“Do I have to rebuild my website?” This is the question I dread as I talk to local business owners. And I know what they’re thinking – the website build process for them was probably painful and slow. Not a pleasant experience that they want to to do over again. To be perfectly honest, we have tried SEO without rebuilding the website, but the results were not impressive. If our clients are paying us for search marketing services, then we want to deliver the most value possible.

So, the answer is “yes, we do have to rebuild the site.” But you will enjoy the streamlined website design process that we have created at Local Net Results! You’ll be up and running with a new website that you’ll love within six weeks.

As a local search marketing client of Local Net Results, you will receive monthly keyword ranking reports and analytics for your website. We call it our “report card.” When you call on the phone you talk directly to us. And we hope that you do! Our goal is to ensure that your company is wildly successful on the internet, and we consider it a privilege to be part of your marketing team.