Business Directory Listings

Local  business directory listings are found on websites that aggregate data about local companies. You may have seen these online sites like Yelp, Merchant Circle,, Manta, and of course Google Plus Local. Although their algorithms are not as sophisticated as search engines, local directories do collect and share information about “who’s who” in a local area. Your business may be listed, and there may be information about your company on these directories, but if the data is not verified, it may not be correct. For this reason alone, it’s important to go in and claim these listings. However, local directories provide other benefits besides visibility.

Search engine optimization. Our job as an SEO company is simply to help the search engines find you.After we build a new website, we set up our client up on local directories. It is a great opportunity to create a “buzz” that there is a new website in town. After we verify the listings, we then link the important ones together and anchor them back to our clients company website. While local directories will “pull” information about local businesses from the Internet, they rely on information provided voluntarily by the actual business. Search engines like Google rely upon the information that is provided by directories. It is a geo-targeting strategy that search engines will use to determine what a real company is in any given local area.

Reputation and reviews. Many of these local directories allow visitors an opportunity to lead a review about your company. As a local business owner, you should jump at the chance to develop a five star reputation online. Go to Google and type in the name of your company. Have you ever done this? You will see all of the directories that have pulled your information. Some of them, like Yelp, will pull the actual review along with the star rating on to that Google search page. If there is a bad review left online about your company, it shows up when somebody types in your name. Having access to these local directories is the first step to mitigating bad reviews and creating a five star reputation for your company online.

Our Local Visibility program includes the verification and optimization of local directories that are relevant to your area and business. We also create a YouTube channel and create five promotional videos for your business. Local Visibility is included within our website design package, and it is the first step in setting up a Reputation Marketing Program for your company.