Reputation Marketing

How’s Your Reputation?

After decades of bad products and poor quality service, consumers have taken marketing into their own hands. They are less likely to buy from you based on a catchy marketing slogan, then they are by reading what perfect strangers say about your company or product. In fact, 72% of consumers surveyed said that they would trust an online review from a stranger as much as they would a personal recommendation from a friend! If you’ve ever bought anything on or, you are familiar with ratings and reviews. What has been standard practice on these shopping sites for years is now coming to local businesses in a big way.

Bad reviews are a business killer. You’ve heard the old axiom that says “one angry customer will tell 10 people, and 10 happy customers might tell one.” It’s only human nature. If a customer feels they were wronged, they will go to great lengths to damage your reputation. You may not even know about it. Local directories like Google plus and Yelp are the perfect outlet for them to vent. Unfortunately, these bad reviews show up when someone types in your company’s name. When that happens, all the marketing in the world can’t help you. Potential clients who look you up online will never go to your website to hear how wonderful you are. Chances are they will see that bad review first and look elsewhere.

Reputation Management versus Reputation Marketing. Reputation Management is a defensive posture involving monitoring and mitigating bad reviews. Reputation Marketing is a positive and proactive approach to improving your online reputation. Bad reviews happen. It’s the good reviews that you have to work for! At Local Net Results, we have put together a program to make it as easy as possible for your customers to leave a positive review for your company online.

Our program consists of:

  • A digital survey form that you e-mail to your customer to collect a review with a legal permission to use that review in your marketing. This portal links to those important local directories where reviews matter. This makes it easy for your customer to leave that great review online!
  • A database that stores these reviews.
  • Paper survey forms that capture reviews the same way. These survey forms make it easy for your customers who are not comfortable using the computer to give you a review. With your customers’ permission, you can then use these testimonials on your website or other marketing materials.
  • A video training session for your sales or administrative staff that teaches how to provide excellent service and gain those five star reviews.
  • QR codes that provide direct links to your business listings on websites like Yelp or Google. Customers with smart phones can leave reviews right on the spot!

In 2013, great emphasis will be placed in the search engines on the local businesses that have reviews. Google bought Zagat, the scoring system used in the restaurant business, and has implemented a similar scoring system for local businesses. Businesses that have 10 reviews or more are very likely to be seen at the top of the Google Plus Local page.

At Local Net Results, we are all about improving your visibility on the Internet. Making your business a five star rated company is one of the ways we can help potential customers decide to choose your business over the competition. and are registered trademarks of their respective brands.