Video Marketing

Business Video Marketing and Syndication

YouTube surpassed Yahoo in 2011 to become the second-largest search engine behind Google. With over 3 billion searches per month by over 500 million users, it’s crazy to overlook video marketing as a viable aspect of your business marketing plan. And while the benefits of creating a business video from a marketing perspective are obvious, many business owners are not aware of the value of video marketing and syndication with regards to search engine optimization.

Google owns YouTube. The first benefit of using YouTube is that Google owns them. Both Google and YouTube employ similar algorithms for ranking and parsing out search results. As with a good SEO program for your company website, video optimization can produce good rankings when SEO principles are applied. Having a YouTube video on your website that is linked with keywords that are consistent with your website’s message can boost your rankings on both Google and YouTube.

Lower your bounce rate. The second advantage to having a video on your website is that visitors will stay longer. One of the ways a website proves its credibility to the search engines is what’s called a bounce rate. A high bounce rate is when people find it and leave quickly. We call it “show up, throw up, and leave.” When people find your website, you want them to stay a while. It is assumed by search engines that websites with a low bounce rate have good interesting content because people stay longer on the site. A professional video that engages viewers can decrease your bounce rate dramatically, and thus increase your website ranking as well.

Get your video on page one. Have you ever done a general Google search and seen a video thumbnail show up? This is a very effective method of visibility. That thumbnail stands out from everything else on the page. But how does it get there? Certainly not by simply uploading a video to YouTube, when you consider that 24 hours worth of video is uploaded every minute on YouTube, the chances of it getting on a general Google search on its own next to nothing. This is where video syndication comes in.