Contractor Websites

As a contractor you wear many hats. Chances are you are the one managing the sales, production, and financial decisions for your company. On top of that you may even be working in the field. If there’s one aspect of running a service-based company that tends to fall through the cracks it is marketing. It sounds crazy, but some business owners who are busy cannot imagine more work coming in than they can handle. They are afraid to market their company! It is when the work slows down, and doubts about meeting their payroll looms large, that when the marketing folder comes out.

This is called “crisis marketing” and it usually doesn’t work well.

How do I know this? I owned a landscape company for 10 years, and I am guilty of the same thing! I can tell you in hindsight, knowing what I know now about the internet, that it is so worthwhile to take the time and set up a system of processing leads so that you can pick and choose the very best of what work is available on the internet for your company – and the second part is to hire someone to do that for you.

The local results we are able to get for our clients in a local market are phenomenal. Because of their professional websites, their businesses have grown – in some cases even doubled – throughout a recession! Some of that has to do with the internet itself, but it also has to do with having a good Internet Marketing strategy. You might say it’s all about being in the right place at the right time.

But getting back to the “busy” part.

Most contractors know the importance of being online but don’t have time to build a company website or even write the content for one. We understand this. Our contractor websites require very little of our clients. We research and copyright most of the text that will be used in the new website. Search engines want to see at least 300 words on a page. Asking a business owner to produce 10 articles with 300 words or more is asking too much. There is an art and a science to writing web copy. It must appeal to the reader – a potential client – but it must also appeal to the search engines for good ranking. Even if the business owner is a good writer, chances are they will not be considering the search engines in the text.

Website designs from start to finish within six weeks. When we build contractor websites they are completed within six weeks. I have heard horror stories of website build projects that have gone on over a year. Either the website designer was waiting for content from the business owner, or there was “perfection paralysis” in the design process. This is a tragedy! Who can say how much business that company has missed out on by not being found?

At Local Net Results, we pull out all the stops and get that website out there fast. We look at it this way: the longer you are off-line, the more business you will forfeit to your competitors who are online. Not on our watch! We are all about getting you local results from the internet.

You will enjoy the process of working with us, almost as much as you will enjoy the phone ringing and someone on the other end who says, “I found you on the Internet!”